PMA’s Lauren Scott Discusses Assisting the Buy-Side to Drive Fresh Produce Consumption with Joy of Fresh Campaign

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Wed. April 29th, 2020
- by Lilian Diep     

NEWARK, DE - Growers, shippers, distributors, and retailers all play their part to bring the best fruits and vegetables to grocery shelves. However, there are times when the consumer is unsure of what to do with the fresh produce on hand. Tossing a lifeline, the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has launched its latest initiative, Joy of Fresh, to assist the buy-side in connecting with consumers.

Lauren Scott, Chief Marketing Officer, Produce Marketing AssociationJoy of Fresh is the next evolution of the broader conversation about driving consumption. We’re doing it in a way that's beyond just providing assets—we want our members and the industry as a whole to understand it at a deeper level,” says Lauren Scott, Chief Marketing Officer. “Our latest initiative focuses on working with industry and media partners to connect with consumers; providing resources, information, and tools for our members to use in their promotions; and listening to what the consumer sentiments are.”

As we previously reported, the Joy of Fresh campaign provides information to its members in a convenient format that is easily digestible for consumers, especially during this time when many are affected by COVID-19. With it, PMA is able to offer tools such as:

  • Assets to use on social media platforms
  • Research data
  • Answers to sentiment studies
  • Insights into consumer shopping behavior

“This information is available for our members to use to help make decisions for their business,” Lauren continues. “Consumers hear from brands they know and trust, and the industry usually relays urgent information when it’s in critical situations. Getting messages out on a regular basis and sharing a broader narrative, consistently, is really the spirit of the campaign.”

PMA created Joy of Fresh as a way for its members to reach out to national and local media in order to influence the stories that are being written about our industry.

PMA’s Joy of Fresh campaign provides information to its members in a convenient format that is easily digestible for consumers (Click to view full size)

“Without our members, we wouldn't be able to put this together. Having that continuous communication will be critical to understanding what issues they are seeing,” concludes Lauren. “By spreading the #joyoffresh, PMA can continue to build upon the information we have with the help of our members. We can create more and better content to change conversations with consumers and drive the consumption of fresh produce.”

For more information on this initiative and to access these assets, click here.

AndNowUKnow is always in the business of spreading the #joyoffresh message, so keep reading as we bring the latest in the industry.

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