PRO*ACT's Greener Fields Together to Sponsor Farm Aid 2014

Wed. September 10th, 2014
- by Jordan Okumura     

MONTEREY, CA – PRO*ACT's sustainability and local produce initiative, Greener Fields Together, has announced that it will be an official sponsor of Farm Aid 2014.

Max Yeater, PRO*ACT President

“Supporting local farms and sustainably raised fresh produce is a big part of our Greener Fields Together mission,” says Max Yeater, President of PRO*ACT. “It’s a passion that we share with the Farm Aid organization and we’re happy to support the effort with our sponsorship. We’re looking forward to what promises to be a great event for a great cause.”

Farm Aid brings together recording artists like Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews in order to raise awareness and money for America's family-owned farms and to help grow the “Good Food Movement.”

According to a press release, as in previous years Greener Fields Together will be participating in Farm Aid's HOMEGROWN Village. The HOMEGROWN Village will feature live music, interviews with artists and farmers, the HOMEGROWN Skills Tent featuring a wide range of local agrarian and homesteading skills presentations, and educational hands-on food and farm activities. By attending the Village, event-goers have the opportunity to learn more about environmental conservation, what fuels economic growth, and how to support the Good Food Movement.

Finally, together with local purveyor Foster-Caviness, Greener Fields Together will be donating produce from local farmers which will go into the construction of the artist backstage catering venue and for the HOMEGROWN Concessions area.

It's great to see PRO*ACT supporting a wonderful cause like this. Nice job, Greener Fields Together!