Produce Pro Mobile Apps Leverage Mobile to Simplify Business Challenges

Fri. October 31st, 2014
- by Kyle Braver     

WOODRIDGE, IL - Produce Pro Software is simplifying life for produce professionals with a new line of mobile apps, headlined by the powerful Food Safety App. Courtney Heim, Sales Representative & Marketing Professional for Produce Pro, explained to me how the company is leveraging mobile technology to eliminate the costly paper clutter of traditional food safety filing methods while enhancing employee accountability and accuracy.

Food Safety App (click for higher res)

Courtney Heim, Sales Representative & Marketing Professional “At the heart of all of our technologies is a commitment to simplifying the lives of our clients,” Courtney explained to me. “With the Food Safety App for example, a manager has easy access to their food safety records tied directly to a specific function or equipment. They can view the tasks assigned to their employees and any corrective actions being taken with the touch of a button.”

The app also enhances accountability. Imagine an employee being sent to check a cooler's temperature. The employee could be instructed to use the Food Safety App to scan the cooler's location QR barcode in order to verify that they are physically present at that site to do the inspection or reading. Once data is entered, information is made available to managers with time-stamped verification of who completed the task. If corrective action paper work occurs, it can be attached directly to that record and stored. Likewise, if an audit is conducted, reports are easily available to be printed.

“At Produce Pro, we recognize how busy business owners and managers are in running the core aspects of their business,” Courtney explained. “Our apps allow these professionals to focus their attention on doing what they do best: making connections with their customers and growing their business.”

Some of Produce Pro's other mobile applications include:

  • Checkout App: An app which facilitates online ordering, loading each customer’s specific pricing, lead time specifications, and order deadlines each time they log into the app
  • Driver App: An app which provides delivery confirmation and support for drivers, streamlining the delivery process for proper shipments and reducing the cost of product delivery.

Checkout App


Together these apps comprise the complete Produce Pro Software solution, the early results of which have been highly impressive, according to Courtney. For example, FreshPack Produce, a Produce Pro client, enjoyed “unprecedented sales growth” far exceeding the 20% annual figure CEO Chris Wisekal had initially foreclosed before implementing the Produce Pro solution.

"Produce Pro enabled us to handle retail, wholesale, food processors and food service,” he shared in a press release. “We are now serving big, multi-concept accounts and other national chains. We could not do that without Produce Pro. Our in-stock ratios are higher. The quality of product is better because we are turning it faster. We can enter orders more efficiently, which allows us to provide better customer service. The ProducePro system is simply more robust. It gives you options to do business the way you and your customers want."

Produce Pro encourages produce professionals to check out its full line of products on its website for more information. 

In an age of increasing technological sophistication, it is great to see companies like Produce Pro Software helping members of our industry stay ahead of the curve and deliver the best possible product to their partners.

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