Raley's Jon Holder to Enter into Grocery Outlet Venture

Mon. July 27th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura

SACRAMENTO, CA - Jon Holder, Senior Manager of Produce and Floral for Raley's, has retired from the Sacramento, California-based family of stores.

Jon credits the difficulty in making this decision to the friendliness, passion and good nature of so many in the produce and floral business. Luckily, Jon will remain in the industry, and has chosen to enter into the Grocery Outlet owner operator program with his wife Yvonne.

Jon Holder and his wife Yvonne

Greg Corrigan, Sr. Director Produce and Floral, spoke to me about Jon’s time at Raley’s. 

Greg Corrigan, Sr. Director Produce and Floral, Raley's“Jon has been a tremendous asset to our team at Raley's. His absence will be missed on a professional and personal level. We wish him and his family nothing but the best in the next chapter of their lives.

Jon and his wife Yvonne will train for four to six months in Atascadero, California and after successfully completing their training will be eligible to apply for locations.

“Combined, Yvonne and I have over 60 years of experience in most aspects of the business and with my background in perishables we feel confident that our store will be successful,” Jon tells me. “I have enjoyed my 31 years at Raley’s and will miss the team members that I had the privilege to work with as well as the relationships with so many of the great people in the produce Industry.”

Jon held his position as Senior Manager of Produce and Floral for Raley's for the past nine years and thanks his customers and colleagues for their support and friendship during his time with the company.

Congrats, Jon, on 31 successful years with Raley’s and good luck on the venture to come!

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