River Fire Spreads Across Salinas, California, Region

Mon. August 17th, 2020
- by Chandler James     

SALINAS VALLEY, CA - As we reported yesterday afternoon, extreme weather events have been touching down across the state of California, with everything from intense thunderstorms to a full-on “firenado” altering our equilibrium. One aggressive event, the River Fire, has our industry on watch, continuing to spread surrounding Salinas Valley.

King City Rustler reported yesterday that the fire had moved across 2,800 acres in Pine Canyon, just outside of Salinas. Residents of the area have been evacuated, and the fire is at roughly 10 percent containment. The news source noted that the River Fire began around 3:14 a.m. on Sunday morning and was the result of lightning strikes, high winds, and record heat.

Following extreme weather events, the River Fire is spreading throughout the Salinas Valley, threatening local agricultural operations (Image: CalFire)

Temperatures continue to rise, and fresh produce growers throughout the state are now evaluating how these events will affect their operations. We at ANUK have you all in our thoughts as these events unfold.

As we learn more on the River Fire and other recent weather events, keep checking in on reports from AndNowUKnow.