RPE Introduces New Oddball Organics™ Brand

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Wed. August 19th, 2015 - by Christofer Oberst

BANCROFT, WI - RPE is introducing a new Oddball Organics™ brand to take advantage of the recent “misshapen produce” trend that’s been gaining popularity in grocery stores across the globe.

Compared to traditional organic potatoes, this new brand offers potatoes that can be considered to have odd shapes or have minor skin blemishes. RPE has embraced these imperfections to reduce waste and ultimately save its customers money.

Oddball Organics

Since last year, RPE’s cooperative growers saw a 47 percent increase in acreage for organic potatoes in Wisconsin alone. With the rise of production, more waste is often unavoidable.

Russell Wysocki, President and CEO, RPE“Many of these potatoes would have been discarded solely because they were misshapen,” said Russell Wysocki, President and CEO of RPE. “RPE, committed to responsible farming, is consistently working on saving our customers money as well as pushing toward the reduction of waste currently in the potato industry.”

Oddball Organics will be marketed at a discounted price from other organic potatoes.

Oddball Organics

RPE will offer several different varieties with this new brand, including russet and red and gold potatoes. Oddball Organics are offered in 3 pound poly bags, mesh bags, or bulk and display ready cartons, as well as custom programs to meet various customer needs.