Sakata Debuts 3 New Eastern Bell Pepper Varieties – Gridiron, Blitz, and Touchdown

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Mon. December 22nd, 2014 - by Christofer Oberst

MORGAN HILL, CA - Sakata Seed America is debuting three new varieties of Eastern Bell Peppers: Gridiron, Blitz, and Touchdown, all of which have been specifically bred to thrive in Eastern regions.

The company is confident that its latest line-up delivers outstanding yield, improved returns, adaptability, disease resistance, shelf life, flavor, and satisfied customers, according to a press release. Bryan Zingel, Senior Product Development Manager for peppers, commented, “From a development perspective, emphasis is placed on features and benefits for the complete customer chain, from growers to the final customer.”

The pepper trio comes with a number of tools to assist the grower with the cultivation of these exciting new varieties:

Sakata Ornamentals is also introducing its new varieties for 2015, including the Proud Mari series and new colors for its celebrated SunPatiens® Spreading and Compact series.

“We’re so excited to present our new Ornamentals for 2015,” said Ron Garofalo, Senior Sales Manager. “Here at Sakata, our passion is breeding high-performing and gorgeous flowers that are appealing all the way though the supply chain, and highly distinguished by their beauty and superior quality.”

To check out all the new items from Sakata Ornamentals, download the What’s NEW! Catalog Supplement and New Cyclamen Line-Up Brochure.

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