Sakata Seed America Growing Portfolio with New Seed Offerings

Fri. August 29th, 2014
- by Jordan Okumura     

MORGAN HILL, CA - As retail and consumer demand increases for quality produce offerings with high flavor profiles, Sakata Seed America is continuing its commitment to seed innovation with the debut of a number of new produce players.  The company recently wrapped up its trials in Woodland, California to strong customer and attendee response for its expanded produce line.

On the bell pepper front, Sakata has enhanced its program for West Coast performers. The company has invested in developing a new range of sweet peppers encompassing a number of important segments for the NAFTA markets that include sweet bell, lamuyo and cubanelle. There is a range of options for outdoor and indoor segments as well as excellent rootstock hybrids to support indoor long cycle productions.

“We have focused on addressing adaptability, marketable yield potential, labor friendliness, drying qualities, and improved disease resistances,” Kimberly Nerli, Senior Protected Culture Sales and Western NAFTA Tomato/Pepper Product Development Manager tells us. “The benefits to the grower, consumer and retailer are endless.”

Double UpThe Double Up variety is a green-to-red bell pepper known for dependable performance in most Western U.S. growing regions, as well as Mexico and Central America. It offers early-mid maturity with high yields of quality fruit and is a dependable performer for multiple seasons.

ClassicThe Classic variety, is a green-to-red, high-yielding bell presenting outstanding fruit quality, with thick walls and a uniform blocky shape. Classic is widely adapted and offers good heat-set ability. “It approaches greenhouse quality in the open field,” Kimberly tells us.

TimelessAdditionally, as the melon category continues to grow, Sakata has introduced new Long Shelf Life (LSL) Cantaloupe varieties Infinite Gold and Timeless Gold. Both varieties deliver high brix and firm interior. These LSL melons allow growers to have more flexibility when it comes to harvest timing i.e. when weather permits, as market prices rise, or as labor is more available.

“The Infinite Gold cantaloupe represents the next big thing in cantaloupe for Sakata,” Zachary Wortiska, Area Sales Manager-SJV/Bakersfield and Asst. Melon Product Manager, tells us. “This LSL melon has been bred for strong performance and long shelf life and does not sacrifice great flavor and quality. The retailer’s needs for differentiation in the melon category, have inspired us to invest in varieties like these.”Infinite

A third-party sensory analysis panel rated Infinite Gold higher in flavor and quality attributes than the leading competition, he notes. The melon also offers strong vines, high yield potential and uniform size and shape.  Timeless Gold, also bred especially for long shelf life, is widely adapted to many growing regions and is a high-yielding variety with strong vines, uniform fruit, firmness and brix.

The lineup isn’t complete yet.  Stay tuned for new tomatoes and squash varieties to enhance the Sakata Seed portfolio.

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