Santa Rosa Farms' Cantaloupes, Marketed by Legend Produce, Reach Peak Production in Maricopa, Arizona

Wed. June 1st, 2016 - by Jessica Donnel

MARICOPA, AZ - The weather is not the only thing heating up in Maricopa, Arizona—Santa Rosa Farms is now in full cantaloupe production

Santa Rosa is a local family-owned farm that has been farming in the state for over 34 years, and is one of the nation’s leading melon producers and distributors. 

Santa Rosa Farms Owner, Cindi Pearson, and family in the field

The dedication and experience shows with the beautiful crop of melons the company produces year after year.

The company's number one priority has always been food safety, exemplified by the constant research of the newest technologies they implement in its growing fields and cold storage facility.

The exclusive marketing arm for Santa Rosa Farms is done by Legend Produce, headed by Don Johnston, Tony Fey, and Phillip Cianciolo out of the Kentucky sales office. 

Santa Rosa Farms Owner, Cindi Pearson, and husband Larry

“Unusually warm temperatures are bringing on the melons early this year. This was the earliest harvest date for Santa Rosa ever on May 9, 2016,” says Owner, Cindi Pearson.  

Johnston adds, “This season is by far one of the best years they have seen from the varieties grown. The hot temperatures are helping create the big sizes and sweet flavors of the melons.”

Santa Rosa Farms Owner, Cindi Pearson, with her children

The company's harvesting is being extended later this year as well, due to the water shortage in California. Santa Rosa is hitting peak growing volume now into July, and the company expects to continually to see quality maintained throughout the season.

They are hearing excellent feedback from the retail stores and processors with the quality they are tasting. Johnston continues, “Sales volumes are up this year over last, and we take notice when the customers send us their feedback through their purchases.”

Santa Rosa will have the same super sweet varieties of cantaloupe and honeydew throughout the season, and will continue growing trials of Tuscan melons and mini watermelon, which provide long shelf-life and high brix.

Looking for quality melons? Look for the Santa Rosa label on your store shelves!

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