Stemilt Growers' Brianna Shales Wins ANUK's Organic Quiz Quix

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Thu. September 29th, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SACRAMENTO, CA - The AndNowUKnow team challenged you to test your organics knowledge, and you delivered.

Brianna Shales, Communications Manager, StemiltBut there can only be one victor, and this week it was Brianna Shales, Communications Manager for Stemilt Growers. Brianna won the title with a perfect 6/6, as well as being the fastest to do so.

Many showed off impressive organic knowledge, however, and we thought we’d share the top ten leaders with you, all of which only missed one.

Congratulations to Brianna, and to all those who made our leader board in the latest Quiz Quix.

Most Missed Question:

What are two main factors leading to the growth of the Organic category?


Convenience and portability

Because this is about creating friendly competition and spreading industry knowledge, any who would like to learn more about organics by reading what inspired the quiz can find the information here, provided by the Organic Trade Commission.

Keep an eye out for the next opportunity to test your industry knowledge in the days to come. Just sign in either via email or one of several social media accounts and you’ll be all ready to jump in the competition.

Quiz Quix is our way of encouraging some healthy, fun, informative competition within the industry. Signing in will give us a token to verify you and allows us to put your name in the ranking. It doesn't give us access to more than your name and email.

If you missed the quiz and want to try your hand, click here, and keep following AndNowUKnow as our newest product continues to take shape. As always, game on!