Sunkist Growers' Christina Ward Promoted to Senior Director of Global Marketing

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Wed. April 14th, 2021 - by Chandler James

VALENCIA, CA - There are those who lead and there are those who follow, and Sunkist Growers’ Christina Ward is certainly in that former camp when it comes to marketing. She has played a significant role in building the brand’s marketing program into what it is today, and that determination has paid off. Further climbing the leadership ladder, she was recently promoted from Director of Global Brand Marketing to the role of Senior Director of Global Marketing.

Christina Ward, Senior Director of Global Marketing, Sunkist GrowersIn my new position, I'm working even closer with our sales, varietal, category management, brand, and retail marketing experts to deliver maximum value to our customers,” Christina told me. “We all know that shopper behaviors continue to evolve, and there is unlimited potential ahead. As the category leader, it’s been important to Sunkist to stay ahead of those trends, using data to best support our customers and inspire consumers.”

Christina will continue to lead brand strategy, and Sunkist has expanded her role to oversee marketing operations as well, including its merchandising and shopper marketing programs. This is a clear testament to how Christina’s leadership has already created a fresh perspective and new marketing opportunities for the company.

Sunkist Growers recently promoted Christina Ward from Director of Global Brand Marketing to the role of Senior Director of Global Marketing

She brings 18 years of marketing and communications experience to the fresh citrus cooperative. Before joining Sunkist and making her way back to California in 2018, she was the head of marketing at an aviation company.

“The Sunkist cooperative is made up of many third, fourth and fifth-generation farmers, and I've always loved that part of our story—it puts our purpose into perspective,” Christina added. “Our leadership pushes for excellence every day, and it's rewarding to see that across our entire portfolio of citrus varieties. The opportunity to play a more integral role in this iconic fresh citrus brand's growth is exciting for me.”

Congratulations, Christina! We can’t wait to see what you do in this new role.

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