Sunkist Growers' Christina Ward Shares Inside Details of Southern Exposure Plans

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Wed. March 6th, 2019 - by Anne Allen

VALENCIA, CA - As we round the corner to Orlando, Florida, folks are gearing up for The Southeast Produce Council’s (SEPC) Southern Exposure. Sunkist Growers is looking forward to showing off its innovative ideas, packaging, merchandising displays, and more, at this year’s show. I spoke with Christina Ward, Director of Communications, to get the inside scoop.

Christina Ward, Director of Communications, Sunkist Growers“It’s peak citrus season and we have promotable volumes of all of our crops,” Christina said. “To top it off, the fruit is eating great, and with more than 40 varieties, we have something that appeals to every taste.”

Christina let me know that there continues to be an increase in demand for Sunkist specialty varieties such as Cara Cara navels and Blood oranges, and the co-op has ample supply of these popular citrus products through May. Navels have shown no signs of slowing and are coming in sweet—which is good news for me; I eat about a Navel a day! Minneola tangelos and California W. Murcott mandarins are available now through May.

It's the height of citrus season now, with Cara Cara navels, Blood oranges, Navel oranges, Minneola tangelos, and California W. Murcott mandarins available through May

“Sunkist offers customizable promotional and merchandising programs that support the promotable volumes available this season. For more than 125 years, Sunkist has been delivering trusted quality; a brand promise that we continue to stand by. We also know that our customers have different and unique needs, and our marketing support includes our ability to customize promotions and point-of-sale materials to motivate demand and sales for each category of citrus,” Christina explained to me.

With SEPC packed with many of the company’s longtime and valued customers, I asked Christina what additional plans she’d like to share.

Sunkist offers customizable promotional and merchandising programs that support the promotable volumes available this season

“In addition to seasonal specialties, Sunkist offers lemons, limes, and grapefruit year-round,” she concluded. “Sunkist is in the height of lemon production right now with citrus coming in from all districts. The weather and above normal precipitation is contributing to the size, health, and strength of the crops in our California coastal production regions. California Star Ruby grapefruit is coming on board in March and will finish in October with Marsh Ruby grapefruit.”

Be sure to say hello to the “We are Citrus” team at booth #204! See you there, fellow produce peeps!

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