Triple H Begins Avocado Program Out of Michoacan, Mexico

Wed. February 7th, 2018
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

MICHOACAN, MEXICO – Triple H Produce is introducing new product offerings, new partnerships, and new packaging—as the company officially launches its avocado program growing out of Michoacán, Mexico.

Hugo Vlaminck, Production VP, Triple H“The Triple H brand is becoming more recognized for its quality and safety. We are approaching the launch of this new product with renewed energy and excitement,” said Hugo Vlaminck, Production VP, in a company press release. “We are ready to build on our commercial relationships through contracts and programs with the right partners both wholesalers and retailers as well as the foodservice industry.”

Avocados from Triple H are available in a new tropical-inspired boxes

Vlaminck noted his excitement about this new program—the possibility for the growth and development, particularly, for Triple H’s fruit department.

And to correspond with its new avocado program, Triple H is launching new tropical-inspired boxes that stand out with an innovative and bold high-graphic design.

Cases of Triple H Avocado's ready to ship In its press release, Triple H noted that the company’s dedicated procurement team has sought out the best Hass avocados in the southern-Mexican region in a strategic effort to maintain ample quality and supply throughout the year. As with all of Triple H’s associated growers, the company’s new grower partners have been selected for their ability to supply exceptional quality of their fruit, their USDA-Certified fields and packing facilities, and their commitment to food safety standards.

“Triple H will be supporting these new sales by guaranteeing ripened to perfection and ready to eat avocados for all those ‘guac’ lovers,” the company added.

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