Ving Brings Farm-Grown, Kale-Infused Vodka to Consumers Everywhere

Mon. August 21st, 2017
- by Jessica Donnel     

LOS ANGELES, CA - Kale; the vegetable that has taken over grocery stores, restaurants, Beyoncé’s closet, and bookshelves (via Fifty Shades of Kale) has now taken over a product segment very near and dear to my own heart—vodka. Yes, you can now quench your thirst for alcohol while you quench your need for the inexplicably hip leafy vegetable, giving new life to the phrase, “Let thy greens be thy medicine.”

Kale-Infused Vodka

Offered by Ving Vodka, the new “Kale, Lemon Peel, & Cucumber Infused Organic Farm Fresh Vodka” comes with all the trappings of an ultra premium spirit, including all organic and gluten-free ingredients, without the use of sugars, additives, sulfites, or histamines. But more pertinent to our industry, the company told ANUK that all the produce used in this vodka comes certified organic and fresh from Los Angeles. The first pallet run currently on the market comes from sustainable organic produce supplier Cinagro Farms in Ventura County, California.

Kale-Infused Vodka

And Ving Vodka looks to be produce through and through. Looking through its ingredient list, the vodka starts off with a corn spirit (shout out to you gluten-avoiders out there), then infuses farm fresh kale, local lemons, and real cucumbers into the mix. After that, the infusions are distilled, filtered, and blended to create a unique and noticeably fresh-tasting vodka unlike any other on the market. Kale’s signature pepperiness meets the citrusy flush of lemon and the sweetly refreshing bite of cucumber, meeting together in what the company says is magnificently easy on the palate. And better yet for a healthy waistline, a 1.5 oz serving weighs in at just 95 calories.

So, how do you get your hand on one of the most produce-packed libations that has graced the ANUK news desk? Check out, and happy drinking!

Ving Vodka