Volm Company Introduces the New Volmpack AutoPack

Fri. June 3rd, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

ATLANTA, GA - Volm Companies has unveiled its newest, fully-automated bulk bagging solution: the Volmpack AutoPack.

With new features that allow for a fully-automated system, it is a combination of the company’s popular Volmpack Semi-Automatic Bagger and its new Bag Placer, cutting out the need for packers to manually place bags.

Volmpack AutoPack

Available both in standard and high-speed, the AutoPack can reach speeds of up to 19 bags per minute for 50 pound bags, and can still pack smaller consumer packages as light as ten pounds.

Volm noted that with the growing number of its current customer base, all packing in multiple styles, the added versatility of the AutoPack eliminates the need to invest in additional filling equipment.

The Semi-Automatic Bagger will still be available as a stand-alone machine, allowing for a cost-effective improvement but with the ability to upgrade later and maintain options to automate further, including the additional Bag Placer.

Learn more from the Volm team directly by swinging by the booth at United Fresh, June 20-22, or by going to the Packaging Equipment Solutions on the website here.

We’ll see you there!

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