Wada Farms Displaying New Eco-Friendly Packaging and Products at Fresh Summit

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Mon. October 13th, 2014 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

PINGREE, ID - PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim is just around the corner, and Wada Farms is promising to impress with a couple new items to share in the company’s product portfolio.  Wada recently debuted its exclusive Tater Made Eco-Friendly Bag to align with the company’s ‘green’ ambitions and sustainability practices. With up to 25% of the packaging made out of potatoes and its 100% recyclable nature, Wada is hoping to also address the corporate sustainability goals for its customers and retail partners.

Wada Farms

Chris Wada, Director of MarketingAs Chris Wada, Director of Marketing, tells me, "No whole potatoes were harmed during the making of this bag." Now, how can you knock that?

Wada Farms has been working for the last 4-5 years on this project, along with a local company in Idaho to convert recycled potato starch into pellets used for making potato bags. Essentially, they are replacing up to 25% of petroleum-based pellets with starch based pellets made with potatoes.   

“We have had great reception with this packaging program and as always, we are looking for ways to offer more sustainable solutions to our customers,” Chris notes.

As the first shipments of the packaging come rolling in, just in time for Fresh Summit, Chris tells me that the company’s objective moving forward is to increase the SKUs in the program.  Currently, the packaging is offered for 5 lb. bags of Idaho russet potatoes.Wada Farms

Along with the new Tater Made packaging, the company will be introducing Wada Farms Smalls – Artisan Mini Potato products, in addition to Wada’s full line of product offerings of all varieties and pack styles of fresh potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions. The Artisan Smalls will include C-size, mini red and mini gold potatoes, no peeling necessary, and will come in microwave friendly 1.25 lb. bags.  These easy-to-prepare potatoes cook in just 5 minutes. Wada is excited to help support the retail launch of Smalls with their brand new digital marketing campaign that targets the consumer down to their zip code.

Wada Farms Smalls

“Wada Farms has a 70+ year history of pride, excellence and respect – and an obsession for providing things of intrinsic value to our consumers and partners.  We have a reputation not just for quality, but for leadership in new ways of doing things and understanding trends and opportunities,” Chris tells me.

To see the new innovations from Wada Farms, please visit booth 2178 at PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, California.

Wada Farms