Wakefern's Price Rite Rebrand is Underway

Wed. February 14th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

KEASBEY, NJ – Price Rite Marketplace locations across Connecticut are undergoing several in-store changes in a rebranding effort led by the company's new President, Jim Dorey, on whom we previously reported.

Jim Dorey, President, Price Rite Marketplace“We spent a lot of time looking at our stores and thinking about ways to create the best possible shopping experience for our customers,” said Jim Dorey, President of Price Rite Marketplace according to ctpost. “Visitors [who come] to the redesigned Price Rite Marketplace stores will find a bright, refreshed space featuring new in-store signage and additions like the ‘Sweet Spot’ dessert case.”

Bridgeport, Danbury, Cromwell, New Britain, and Wethersfield locations have already undergone remodels, and construction will soon begin at Hamden, Torrington, West Hartford, and Willimantic locations.

These remodels are a reflection of intentions at an executive level of Wakefern Food Corporations, Price Rite Marketplace's parent company. The redesign feature repositioned aisle markers with clearer signage and better organized products.

Photo: Jordan Grice / Hearst Connecticut Media

“It’s definitely an easier shop now,” said Tom Vizzo, Store Manager at the Price Rite Marketplace at 4425 Main St. in Bridgeport. “Everything is more together than we used to do, and the whole program is a lot easier than what we used to do.”

Not only has Price Rite Marketplace rearranged the products on the shelf, the retailer has also shifted stocking to feature a mix of local, national, and private label products, with a focus on healthy alternatives and organics.

Bill Devin, Director of Operations, New England Market, Price Rite MarketplaceBill Devin, Director of Operations for Price Rite Marketplace’s New England Market said, “We’ve taken our quality up a notch. We already had great quality, but consumers wanted healthier options. They wanted Wholesome Pantry items, which are the organic natural peanut butters and stuff like that.”

These healthy new products will come with new packaging for the in-store brand, coupons, and a partnership with Instacart. To keep following as the market adapts to a rapidly changing retail climate, keep reading AndNowUKnow.

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