Well•Pict Debuts New 18 oz Raspberry Club Pack and New Labels

Tue. October 27th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura

WATSONVILLE, CA - It was an amazing PMA Fresh Summit event for Well•Pict Berries this past weekend, with new products and a showcase of proprietary berries for buyers and attendees. The company debuted its new 18-ounce Raspberry Club Pack which marks a milestone for Well•Pict as the largest pack the berry grower has ever made available. 

These new packs offer a larger window to allow the color and size of the berry to speak for itself and can be merchandised within a berry-patch to help keep the category front and center.

Well•Pict Berries

Well•Pict’s berries are available all year with extra large sizing along with extra sweet flavor.  This new consumer pack was created in response to retail demands as the company continues to grow the category. Well•Pict also has 12 ounce and 6 ounce consumer packs for consumers. 

Also on the horizon for Well•Pict’s strawberries and raspberries is newly designed package labeling that will have a full scale launch in 2016.

Dan Crowley, VP of Sales and Marketing, Well•Pict“Our clamshells already offer large windows with great visibility,” Dan Crowley, VP of Sales and Marketing, says. “These new labels really complement the beautiful fruit, helping the packs to ‘pop out’ even more on retail shelves and the catch the consumer’s eye.” 

Well•Pict Berries

The growing trends toward healthier food options is helping to drive the growth of the berry category across the board and Well•Pict is working to stay at the front of the pack in terms of growth, flavor and variety.  According to the company, superfoods including strawberries and raspberries are helping to boost profits in fresh produce departments.

Well•Pict’s berries are proprietary berry varieties bred through traditional cross-pollination for superior taste and quality.

Stay tuned as we bring you more innovation from Well•Pict!