WP Rawl Debuts New Kale Item: Seasonal Harvest

Tue. January 5th, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura

PELION, SC - WP Rawl has added a new kale item to its offerings that adds a splash of color to its nutrient kick.

Ashley Rawl, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Product Development, WP Rawl“We are particularly excited about this item because it is the answer for those people who might not have tried kale yet or have been scared to do so,” Ashley Rawl, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development, said in a press release. “Due to its mild taste and soft texture, we believe consumers will respond well to it.”

This latest item, Nature’s Greens® Seasonal Harvest, is “a delightful blend of craft kale greens,” according to the release.

With kaleidoscope leaves featuring green, purple, and white, the product comes sheathed in a royal purple bag to attract consumers as much as the product itself. But, as Rawl stated, it’s not just the appearance that could bring in the less adventurous consumers.

The colorful leaves are also soft and offer a mild flavor. The company stated that its addition is the latest complement to the existing line of items offered under Nature’s Greens.

This product is currently being offered for a limited time, from November through March. It is currently available at select retailers across the U.S.

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