Yubari King Sets Record Price for Most Expensive Melon Sold in Japan

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Wed. March 29th, 2017
- by Jessica Donnel     

YUBARI, HOKKAIDO, JAPAN - Those who have been following AndNowUKnow are aware that we have a penchant for pricey produce. And I, in particular, have found myself eagerly awaiting the annual return of Japan’s Yubari melon season and auction. This year’s auction came with an additional bit of exciting news—a sale of two premium Yubari cantaloupes tipped the scales at $27,000, a sale price record.

At around $13,500 per melon, you’re probably wondering why anyone in their right mind would shell out that much cash for a pair of fruits. Well, for starters, Yubari melons are rare. The specific variety in question is called the “Yubari King,” a unique cross between two types of cantaloupe that can only be produced in northern Japan’s Yubari region. And, as U.K. news source Independent reports, Yubari King melons also gain their hefty price tag from their renowned sweetness.

The record breaking melons (Photo credited to Independent).

Normally around $50 to $100 a pop—an already painfully high price for most melons I’m used to—the melons in question set the record for highest purchase price for Yubaris. Prior to the sale, Yubari melons could barely top out at $24,000, Independent added, around $3,000 less than the newly set record

Who was lucky (or unlucky) enough to go home with this lovely pair of prized melons? A supermarket buyer in Hyogo Prefecture, who, according to the report, shared, “I wanted to return a favor to the farmers of Yubari, who help us every year.” 

Will you be on the next plane to Japan to battle it out with your fellow bidders? If so, be sure to fill in ANUK!