Alecia Troy Discusses Foodservice Advantages of Sakata Seed's Infinite Gold LSL Cantaloupe

Wed. September 7th, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

MONTEREY, CA – Matching new innovations and expanded portfolios in the foodservice realm, Sakata Seed America has its own fresh offering to put on the plate in its Infinite Gold LSL Cantaloupe.

Alecia Troy, Senior Marketing Manager, recently told me from the bustling floor of PMA Foodservice just what makes this product a stand-out option for foodservice operators. 

Alecia Troy, Marketing Manager, Sakata Seed America

“From a foodservice perspective, we’re loving LSL cantaloupes because they give a little more flexibility,” Alicia tells me of the diversity of the fruit. 

This flexibility in the Infinite Gold extends from a longer shelf-life for prolonged foodservice options, into retaining its fresh flavor and juices for a deeper length of time as well. 

“Infinite Gold is great for slicing, cubing, and balling,” Alecia says of the many options the cantaloupe offers to foodservice operators and beyond.

Even better? These diversification of uses extends into delicious blended drinks, such as the company's conceived margarita using the puree of an Infinite Gold melon.

Which qualities of Sakata’s Infinite Gold melon are launching the product even further into the foodservice segment, with opportunities abound? Watch the brief video above.

Sakata Seed America