All Good and T&G Fresh Partner to Deliver Fairtrade and Zero Carbon Certified Bananas

Wed. May 5th, 2021
- by Anne Allen     

NEW ZEALAND - Green bananas may traditionally be a sign of unripeness, but in one recently launched produce partnership, it simply means the fruit is powered by sustainability. T&G Fresh, which is the domestic division of T&G Global, has partnered with All Good to deliver Fairtrade and Zero Carbon certified bananas in New Zealand.

Andrew Keaney, Managing Director, T&G Fresh“As part of our Kaitiakitanga commitment, we’re focused on building a healthier planet by protecting and nurturing the natural environment, and taking positive climate action is part of this,” said Managing Director Andrew Keaney. “Together our team has worked alongside All Good, Agrofair, and our Ecuadorian growers, as well as utilising our global connections to find a solution to offset the carbon footprint of every All Good banana. It’s a huge effort to get to this point and it’s the result of years of hard work.”

Every All Good banana is now carbon neutral certified by EKOS and off-set in a permanent forest protection project in the Peruvian Andes close to the Fairtrade farms in El Guabo, Ecuador, where All Good Bananas are grown.

The project protects the Amazonian Rainforest from road and agricultural development, with significant benefits to the indigenous people. As stated in a press release, it is aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and certified to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

T&G Fresh has partnered with All Good to deliver Fairtrade and Zero Carbon certified bananas in New Zealand

“As bananas are the most popular of all Kiwi grocery items, we know the potential this has to make a massive change in our industry,” Keaney continued.

Since 2015, T&G Fresh has held an exclusive sales and distribution partnership with All Good, enabling All Good to reach more customers throughout New Zealand by utilising T&G Fresh’s well-established national transport network, strategic ripening, and market locations.

Introduce your shoppers to a new kind of green banana. It may be just the tool you need to expand basket share in the produce aisle.

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