Allen Lund's Bob Rose Chats at United Fresh 2019

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Mon. July 1st, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

CHICAGO, IL - Amid the hustle and bustle of any show, it’s helpful to find a friendly face, and here’s a free tip—the Allen Lund Company (ALC) booth is an excellent place to find one. This year, we ran into Bob Rose, VP of Production Sales, who explained why ALC has been such a long-time supporter of United Fresh, and the way the company is changing to accommodate and exceed its customers’ unique needs.

Bob Rose, Vice President Produce Sales, Allen Lund Company“This is such an innovative world and things are changing rapidly in the industry. We want to be more a part of our customers’ needs in this ever-changing environment,” Bob said. “Our customers are asking us more and more for special projects and we’ve come to realize that we can do these projects at a high level.”

ALC has been working with United Fresh for over 20 years, and is a well-established figure at shows, as they have worked with many of the companies in attendance. Still, despite being so well known, it’s important to the company that it focuses on getting closer to its customers—which is exactly what brought Bob to the show.

Allen Lund Company has been at the forefront of helping its constituents with TMS products, LTL, and different resources like consolidation programs

With a unique role in the supply chain, ALC finds itself tasked with figuring out solutions to different customer needs, which the company goes out of its way to address.

“We found that our customers are asking for TMS products and LTL and different resources like consolidation programs, so we’ve been at the forefront of trying to help our constituents in the room do that kind of work that we hadn’t done before and we find that it’s really refreshing to be part of that part of the food chain.”

Watch the video above for the rest of our exclusive interview with Bob Rose.

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