Allen Lund's Ryan Stephenson Talks Corporate Growth

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Wed. July 17th, 2019 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

CHICAGO, IL - At United Fresh, we spent a good portion of time chatting with the folks at the Allen Lund Company (ALC). We talked to Kenny Lund, Vice President of the ALC Logistics Division, to learn more about the growth the company is experiencing. We spoke with Bob Rose, Vice President of Produce Sales, to learn about how the company is changing to accomodate shifting customer needs. And finally, we spoke with Ryan Stephenson of the Corporate Sales team, to learn about how the company has grown to accommodate all of these changes.

Ryan Stephenson, Corporate Sales, Allen Lund Company“The Allen Lund Company has been growing considerably for the last couple of years, and as the Allen Lund Company has grown, so has the number of sales people that we have,” he shared with me. “We saw a need to coordinate and collaborate across the team and across our offices to identify national opportunities together to make sure we’re all on the same page.”

He explained that Eddie Lund, the company’s CEO, is all about growth—which makes so much sense as I’m listening to him speak about the logistics company’s focus on expanding its operations.

As the Allen Lund Company has grown, it has also grown its sales team to accommodate growing operations and new accounts

“We’re really here to help support all offices and coordinate throughout the company with national accounts and identify national opportunities to find how we can involve multiple offices to serve those accounts,” Ryan said.

To find out more of what Ryan had to say about ALC, watch our exclusive video above!

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