Angela Hernandez and Jeri Elsasser Talk Trinity Fruit Harvest as Holidays Kick Off

Wed. November 11th, 2020
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

FRESNO, CA - There’s much bubbling and brewing over at Trinity Fruit as the company gets ready for the holiday season, not the least of which is a cornucopia of items getting underway. Persimmons, kiwifruit, domestic pomegranates, Asian pears, and citrus are just a handful of offerings about to hit harvest as we approach the festivities.

Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Trinity Fruit Company“There’s always a lot going on, and this season is no exception,” Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, shares with me. “Demand has been really strong overall across the categories, with quality looking good.”

Angela, along with Creative Director Jeri Elsasser, explains that Trinity is continuously looking into increasing volume to meet the consistently rising demand it has seen.

Citrus is currently seeing a spike in demand along with Trinity Fruit’s persimmons, kiwifruit, domestic pomegranates, and Asian pears

“There has definitely been a spike in demand in all fruit categories, especially citrus, since COVID-19. But we have been seeing a trend of rising demand year over year as well,” Angela adds.

At the forefront of current harvest operations is the wrap up of the proprietary Aco pomegranates, which the team says are just about packed up and sealed, and the kick-off of clementines.

Jeri Elsasser, Creative Director, Trinity Fruit Company“Citrus season overall is fast approaching, with clementines starting up to kick everything off,” Jeri says. “Though there will be an increase in demand compared to last year, we don’t foresee any gaps in the market and continue to work to meet that demand. There are even a few new things coming on to help with that. We can’t say more just yet, but soon!”

Taking just a peek behind the curtain, it’s clear there has been a lot going on at Trinity Fruit as the team looks at a variety of ways to capture any and all consumer needs.

“It’s definitely been very busy,” Jeri agrees.

With promises of more to be revealed after the holidays, and plenty of product to get buyers through till then, be sure AndNowUKnow will bring you more from Trinity Fruit once further developments are known!

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