Anthony Innocenti and Carrie Briones Discuss LIV Organic Produce's Citrus Retail Program and Strategies

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Mon. November 1st, 2021 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

OCEANSIDE, CA - The arrival of the California citrus season marks a time in the year when retailers refocus their excitement and energy for the holiday push, drive excellence across fresh produce destinations, and place their share of the consumer basket into the hands of elite suppliers. With such aspirations at hand, companies like LIV Organic Produce are meeting retailers where they are—in the middle of holiday shopping competition.

Carrie Briones, Head of Sales and Grower Relations, LIV Organic Produce“LIV Organic maintains a constant edge over much of the competition as we pack all of our citrus varieties at our own packing house—an element that gives us control over the quality as well as the speed from the grove to the customer and within days of harvest,” Carrie Briones, Head of Sales and Grower Relations, tells me. “All citrus is transferred to Los Angeles for loading with our other core items which include hard squash, potatoes, and onions—an advantage for those retailers looking for more consumer favorites packed into one truckload.”

The company is currently harvesting organic lemons and grapefruit out of Borrego Springs, California, as well as lemons out of the state’s Coachella Valley.

LIV Organic packs all of its citrus varieties at its own packing house, giving it control over the quality as well as the speed from the grove to its customer and within days of harvest

Meyer lemons, Navel oranges, and Minneolas are just around the corner.

Anthony Innocenti, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, LIV Organic Produce“We will have good steady volume all the way until the summer of 2022, depending on the variety. If the trend over the past couple of years tells us anything, we will have another year of record demand on the horizon,” Anthony Innocenti, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, shares with me. “Retailers need to plan early and build their organic citrus destinations proactively and get ahead of any supply chain challenges or demand issues that can make for inconsistent product and availability at retail. Consumers are holding retailers to a higher standard, and our partners know that we can perform seamlessly, allowing them to hold to their quality commitments across shopping demographics.”

So far this season, LIV Organic is noting great quality and really favorable sizing to meet retailers’ demand. All in all, the team is looking at the promise of a great crop, Anthony adds.


How does that Vince Lombardi quote go? If you are five minutes early, you are already ten minutes late? Let’s take a tip from Vince this holiday season and get ahead to stay ahead as retailers look to remain on top of their elite citrus game.

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