Anthony Vineyards' John Harley Discusses the Upcoming Kick-Off of Its Organic and Conventional Grape Programs

Mon. March 21st, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

BAKERSFIELD, CA - With only weeks left until the kick off of its California conventional and organic grape programs, Anthony Vineyards’ Sales Manager, John Harley took the time to give me some insight into what’s to come.

John Harley, Sales Manager, Anthony Vinyards“We figure we will start the first part of May and then go on from there,” John tells me, adding that the crop is looking good thus far. “Fortunately we’ve had some water and some rainfall and everything else that we needed, and the weather has been cooperating somewhat as far as temperatures.”

For that, John said that Anthony Vineyards is excited about the season, with quality on the horizon and some growth as far as crops.

Currently the programs offer a number of seedless options as May kicks in, including:

  • Organic and Conventional Sugraone
  • Organic and Conventional Flame
  • Organic and Conventional Black Beauty

To see all that John had to say, watch the brief video above.

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