Babé Farms' Matt Hiltner Talks Award-Winning Honey Cone Cabbage for Foodservice

Tue. August 29th, 2017 - by Jessica Donnel

SANTA MARIA, CA - When looking to make a statement as the next big foodservice trend, it doesn’t hurt to start out with a PMA Foodservice award under your belt. Babé Farms and its Honey Cone Cabbage took home the Best Product Promo at this year’s show, and are now set to start a culinary revolution. A cone-shaped cabbage wedge with thin, broad, and a remarkably sweet flavor, the company’s Honey Cone Cabbage has plenty of clout to become a foodservice tour de force.

Matt Hiltner, Marketing Assistant, Babé Farms

“We see the Honey Cone cabb-wedge as the next salad trend,” shared Marketing Assistant Matt Hiltner. “This sweet and tender cabbage variety holds up very well to heat and is excellent grilled, seared, or roasted. The customizable cabb-wedge is something that works on all levels of foodservice from steakhouses to upscale eateries. The Far Western Tavern in Orcutt, California, serves the Honey Cone Cabbage grilled with Caesar dressing, croutons, crispy prosciutto, and pancetta. The grilled Honey Cone cabb-wedge is a hearty menu item that can serve as an appetizer or an entrée, especially during the winter months.” 

Babé Farms Honey Cone Cabbage

Babé Farms makes it easy for chefs and other foodservice operators to adapt their menus around this new product offering. The company offers the Honey Cone Cabbage in a 16 count pack, with each individually wrapped head weighting in at approximately 16-20 oz. With foodservice being a major part of the Babé Farms wheelhouse, Matt tells me that catering to chefs is an important part of the company’s product development. Along with providing chefs with the color and quality they are looking for, Babé Farms doesn’t shy away from trialing new varieties, such as the Honey Cone Cabbage, which keeps things fresh for chefs when developing new menu items.

“We debuted the Honey Cone Cabbage at PMA Foodservice in Monterey, California, and were overwhelmed by the amazing feedback we got,” Matt continues. “Working together with the staff at the Portola Hotel, we provided samples of grilled Honey Cone Cabbage to everyone who visited our booth. The grilled cabbage was served chopped and topped with croutons, bacon, sugar plum tomatoes, and bleu cheese dressing. For many people, cabbage is a vegetable that carries a stigma of having a bitter flavor, so some were hesitant to try it. However, once they did, it became apparent that the Honey Cone is no run-of-the-mill green cabbage.”

Roasted Honey Cone Cabbage

So, now that your mouth is already watering, what are some other suggestions Matt has to get consumers chomping on more Honey Cone Cabbage?

“We recommend grilling the cabbage in wedges,” Matt explains. “First, slice the cabbage lengthwise into four wedges, baste with olive oil, and season with garlic seasoning salt—we recommend Susie Q’s Brand! Grill each side of the wedge until the leaves are slightly charred with golden grill marks. Remove from the grill and add your choice of toppings!”

Babé Farms Honey Cone Cabbage on the Grill

For those who want a further look at what Babé Farms does, check the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, and for more information on Honey Cone Cabbage or any of the company’s other products, please contact Babé Farms Sales at [email protected] or 800-648-6772.

Babé Farms