Baloian Farms' Jay Angulo Details December 2022 Cauliflower Market

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Thu. December 22nd, 2022 - by Anne Allen

FRESNO, CA - One of the most important vegetables during the holiday season is cauliflower. The cruciferous veg is always on my table, and I know that shoppers look to this hearty bulb as a must-have during the winter weeks. I turned to Jay Angulo, Wet Veg Commodity Manager for Baloian Farms, to learn more about the current market outlook.

Jay Angulo, Wet Veg Commodity Manager, Baloian Farms“In our program, we are starting to see better supply on cauliflower this week and expect volume to continue to improve as we get into next week,” he began. “We currently have a warmer weather pattern in the Coachella Valley and that really helps to boost the growth in cauliflower. Quality is excellent and customers will be very happy with what they are seeing with the Pam Pak Label. Our grower does an amazing job on cauliflower as well as our other items like leaf, spinach, and Romaine.”

Jay told me that overall the cauliflower market is tight, with light supplies due to cooler weather and strong shopper demand.

Baloian Farms is starting to see better supply on cauliflower this week and expects volume to continue to improve as next week kicks off

“Comparing cauliflower year to year is a little tough, since it’s susceptible to the weather patterns more than many other crops. It’s one of the reasons why cauliflower tends to have a roller-coaster-type market. You may have a couple warm weather weeks to bring on supply, followed by cool weather which slows the growth and reduces supplies. Last December, 2021, pricing was in the mid-teens–low 20s. Pricing in December of 2020 was in the mid-20s–low 30s. And December of 2029 the pricing was mid–high teens. If you take the average of those years, you can see markets are well above average,” he explained.

No matter what, Baloian Farms is dedicated to ensuring its customers get the best quality products it has to offer.

“Regardless of markets and supply, our customers can expect the premium quality cauliflower that they’ve come to expect from Baloian Farms and the Pam Pak label,” he emphasized.

Wishing everyone the best this holiday season, and stick with us for the latest in market stories like this.

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