BC Tree Fruits Cooperative Appoints New CEO Todd McMyn and CFO Ross Dwhytie

Wed. April 10th, 2019 - by Alexis Schreiber

KELOWNA, BC - BC Tree Fruits Cooperative has announced the appointment of two new senior executives. Todd McMyn has been named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Ross Dwhytie as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Todd McMyn, Chief Executive Officer, BC Tree Fruits“I’m thrilled to join the Cooperative as the new CEO,” expressed McMyn. “Thank you to the Board of Directors, on behalf of our grower members, for trusting me to lead our organization moving forward. I am excited for the future of our Cooperative and l want to ensure we are leaders in the industry not only in the Okanagan Valley and British Columbia, but worldwide.”

A graduate of Simon Fraser University (SFU), McMyn has been trained and instituted in Total Quality Management manufacturing standards with a number of global companies. According to the company’s press release, McMyn brings a global perspective and has travelled to over 50 countries, setting up distribution and business. He has participated in international trade missions with the BC government.

Todd McMyn has been named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Ross Dwhytie as Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

McMyn joins the BC Tree Fruits with previous CEO experience. He has led a manufacturing and trading corporation, involved in high tech products infrastructure, to success and consulted on various agricultural and farming projects globally.

Dwhytie brings with him over 15 years of experience in both public practice and the industry as a CPA and CA. Dwhytie joins with a strong background in finance and a wealth of knowledge and strategic ability to help move the organization forward.

Ross Dwhytie, Chief Financial Officer, BC Tree Fruits“Thank you to the Board of Directors and to Mr. McMyn for providing me the opportunity to join such a strong, reputable organization as the new CFO,” stated Dwhytie. “I look forward to working with both our staff and growers and help guide our cooperative into a prosperous future.”

Chairman of the Board Jeet Dukhia expressed his excitement with the new hirees.

Jeet Dukhia“We are extremely excited to welcome two solid leaders to the Cooperative,” said Dukhia. “The Board of Directors went through an extensive search for the past number of months to ensure we find the right individuals that will excel in these positions on behalf of our grower members.”

McMyn started at BC Tree Fruits on April 1st and Dwhytie joined on April 8th.

Congratulations to Todd McMyn and Ross Dwhytie on their new senior executive roles from the AndNowUKnow team!

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