Bee Sweet Announces Return of Citrus Favorite, Heirloom Navel Oranges

Thu. December 20th, 2018
- by Maggie Mead     

FOWLER, CA - While much of the country is trudging through snow slush and digging out their cars, a taste of sunshine is on the horizon. Just in time to lift our winter spirits, Bee Sweet Citrus has returned with its Heirloom Navel oranges, for a limited time. Their seasonality is limited, so consumers are encouraged to snatch up the orange globes while they still can.

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus“Unlike other citrus varieties, Heirloom Navels are never compromised by acidity,” said Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue. “Grown under the close watch of our growers, they are unmatched in flavor and are popular for being one of the sweetest navel varieties out there.”

Heirloom Navels are a subset of Washington Navels—the first navel variety to arrive in America from Brazil in 1870. Utilizing the same, centuries old, farming methods used for Washington Navels, Heirloom Navels are grown on older blocks of well-aged trees.

Bee Sweet Citrus has returned with its Heirloom Navel oranges, for a limited time

“Heirloom Navels set a very high standard for other easy-peel varieties,” continued Bienvenue in the press release. “Its high brix levels make them perfect for numerous snacks and desserts, and we encourage everyone to try them while they’re in season.”

The delicious navels will delight throughout the winter and spring, but supply will dry up come the summer months, as they are available only until June.

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