Bee Sweet Citrus Announces Availability of Spring Varieties; Randy Stucky Details

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Tue. March 28th, 2023 - by Anne Allen

FOWLER, CA - Spring has sprung here in the Northern Hemisphere, signaled by Bee Sweet Citrus’ ample supply of grapefruit, lemons, and Navel oranges.

Randy Stucky, Director of Harvesting and Grower Relations, Bee Sweet Citrus“Harvest of our D3 (desert region) grapefruit will be wrapping up soon, and we’ll begin to move into the Central Valley (D1) once that’s done,” stated Director of Harvesting and Grower Relations Randy Stucky. “The fruit is showing good size and excellent quality.”

Currently, Bee Sweet’s Navel oranges and lemons are being harvested out of California’s Central Valley as its grapefruit harvest phases out of the state’s desert region. As stated in a release, the grower’s Navel oranges are showing full color and an excellent balance of acid and sugar, leading to delicious-tasting fruit that will be available until the end of the season.

Despite recent storms, the supplier is also reporting that its lemon availability remains intact.

Bee Sweet Citrus has announced an ample supply of grapefruit, lemons, and Navel oranges is now available for spring

“The amount of rain we’ve received has definitely been challenging, but we’re fortunate to harvest lemons throughout different regions of the Valley,” continued Stucky. “This year, size is up, and quality has been good. Our volume is also up—guaranteeing plenty of lemon availability throughout the summer months.”

In addition to these three varieties, Bee Sweet also has Blood oranges, Meyer lemons, and Mandarins available for its partners. Each of these comes in bag and bulk options.

As the transition to spring weather continues, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow to discover how other categories are faring.

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