Bee Sweet Citrus Announces Availability of Summer Varieties; Jason Sadoian Comments

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Thu. July 22nd, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

FOWLER, CA - Summer and citrus go hand in hand. The warm weather outside sends a flood of shoppers into the produce department in search of something juicy and refreshing, and it leads them directly to citrus displays. As grocers look to capitalize on this heightened demand, Bee Sweet is the ally they need, as it is well-prepared to arm its retail partners with an abundance of fresh citrus varieties.

Jason Sadoian, Citrus Sales Representative, Bee Sweet Citrus“Citrus fruits remain a household staple for many families, so year-round availability is imperative to meeting the industry’s demand for product,” Sales Representative Jason Sadoian explained. “As our summer import program continues to gain momentum, our customers can rely on our team to provide them with Chilean Oranges, Mandarins, and Lemons, as well as several domestic varieties to meet their consumer’s needs.”

All of Bee Sweet’s off-shore product is encased in new, high-graphic packaging, and is checked for quality once it arrives at the grower’s main location in Fowler, California, according to a press release. The company’s dedicated and skilled production team is trained to facilitate the summer program, while the sales team is focused on clearance, logistics, and inventory—the perfect dynamic for customers looking for a successful and reliable year-round citrus program.

Bee Sweet is well-prepared to arm its retail partners with an abundance of fresh citrus varieties this summer, including Navel Oranges, Lemons, and Mandarins, and domestic Valencias, Blood Oranges, and Grapefruit

“During the summer months, consumers can look to our brand for year-round staples such as Navel Oranges, Lemons, and Mandarins, in addition to domestic Valencias, Blood Oranges, and Grapefruit,” Sadoian continued. “All of these varieties are flavorful, nutritious, and are incredibly versatile.”

With an assortment of unique offerings available, Bee Sweet Citrus has everything you need to appeal to virtually every consumer. Ramp up citrus displays with these enticing summer varieties and watch the sales follow.

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