Bee Sweet Citrus Ramps Up for Back-to-School Season; Monique Bienvenue and Tracy Shaw Comment

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Wed. August 17th, 2022 - by Chandler James

FOWLER, CA - Summer may be winding down for some school-goers, but the season’s citrus is still ruling the produce aisle. Bee Sweet Citrus is one supplier making the lives of families that much easier this back-to-school season, wielding several different strategies to put citrus in the spotlight.

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications and Compliance, Bee Sweet Citrus“Citrus fruits are incredibly versatile and make for an incredible school snack,” stated Bee Sweet Citrus Director of Communications and Compliance Monique Bienvenue. “With health at the top of mind for many families, parents can rely on our summer citrus varieties to help keep their children alert and focused throughout the school day.”

Bee Sweet Citrus has several summer citrus varieties available to meet the needs of busy families. Through its offshore program, the provider has maintained a steady supply of oranges, Mandarins, and lemons throughout the summer months.

Bee Sweet Citrus is wielding several different citrus strategies to bring nutrition into seasonal planning, including sponsoring Healthy Family Project’s annual back-to-school campaign for the seventh consecutive year

In addition to a full portfolio of citrus options, the company is also sponsoring Healthy Family Project’s annual back-to-school campaign for the seventh consecutive year.

Tracy Shaw, Digital Marketing Manager, Healthy Family Project“This year, Healthy Family Project has expanded our presence in the Back-to-School space by including topics such as: boosting the immune system for back to school, coping with back-to-school anxiety, back-to-school essentials, and much more,” stated Healthy Family Project Digital Marketing Manager Tracy Shaw. “Produce plays an important role in all these topics, and we love all the benefits from Bee Sweet Citrus varieties and how they are great for the school season and beyond.”

The campaign provides tools for families transitioning to the new school year and supports accessibility to fresh produce in schools through International Fresh Produce Association’s Foundation for Fresh Produce. Throughout the campaign, Bee Sweet and other sponsors will be sharing back-to-school tips for families to utilize on their social media platforms, according to a press release.

“Right now, parents are juggling hectic work and school schedules and the last thing they need to stress about is the availability of fresh produce,” continued Bienvenue. “We’re proud to provide families with immunity-boosting citrus varieties year-round.”

Let’s make this back-to-school season a fruity one!

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