BLOOM FRESH™ Hosts Cherry International Open Day; Alwyn van Jaarsveld and Antonia Sánchez-Labbé Discuss

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Mon. April 29th, 2024 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

MEQUINENZA, SPAIN - Block your calendars and book your tickets for a cherry getaway. The Global BLOOM FRESH™ or BLOOM Cherry team announced it is hosting more than 100 growers, retailers, and marketers at an International Cherry Open Day in Mequinenza, Spain. As one of the main production areas for the sought-after fruit, the event will span May 9 and 10, when the major cherry varieties will be at their best.

Alwyn van Jaarsveld, International Cherry Commercial Manager, BLOOM FRESH™

“Instead of the majority of cherries being grown in just a handful of regions, we are essentially expanding the world’s cherry crops by allowing new locations to grow and harvest low-chill cherries,” said BLOOM FRESH’S International Cherry Commercial Manager, Alwyn van Jaarsveld. “If only a few places are growing cherries and inclement weather hits that region, it can adversely affect the entire cherry crop, affecting supply and quality and hurting the whole cherry category. However, by expanding the regions where cherries can grow, such as Mexico, Western Australia, and Peru—it creates more favorable conditions for growers, retailers, and ultimately benefits consumers who continue to adore this fruit.”

A premium fruit-breeding company specializing in table grapes, cherries, and raisins, BLOOM stated in a press release that its cherry program is ramping up R&D efforts and continued commercialization of early low-chill cherry varietals.

Antonia Sánchez-Labbé, International Technical Manager for Cherries, BLOOM FRESH™

“BLOOM’s low-chill cherries all harvest early, meaning they are the first cherries that consumers will see, taste, and provide the make-or-break experience that will entice the public to return for future purchases,” said Antonia Sánchez-Labbé, International Technical Manager for Cherries. “We know we have amazing varieties, but we are very focused on making sure growers have all they need to create successful cherries. Our goal is to combine good growing sites, certified trees, clean wood, excellent rootstock, not to mention our good varieties before, adding different technologies to produce bigger and better fruit and higher yields whilst withstanding a more adversarial climate.” 

The two-day program will offer an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about BLOOM’s cherry program, which includes varieties such as Cheery Treat™, Cheery Nebula™, and Cheery Cupid™.

The Global BLOOM FRESH™ team announced it is hosting an International Cherry Open Day in Mequinenza, Spain

Gain insights into the innovative program that includes super low-chill varieties enabling new countries and regions around the world to successfully grow cherries, some for the first time. After years of research, the team shared that the global unveiling of its program is one of the most important and special events for BLOOM in recent years.

Learn more about the details here.

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