Boskovich Fresh Food Group's Fresh Prep Division Ramps Up New Salad Line: Fair Earth Farms

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Thu. September 3rd, 2020 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

OXNARD, CA - Dressed to impress, great for the environment, and driving premium category differentiation—these three elements make the new Fair Earth Farms brand a triple threat of ingenuity. Fresh Prep, a division of Boskovich Fresh Food Group, revealed the new value-added product line early last month to rave reviews and an already growing consumer base. As of September, the new additions are already in all Bristol Farms locations, and Boskovich will also be rolling out the category showstoppers to all Lazy Acres stores this week.

George Boskovich III, Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Prep"We understand the urgency and importance of reducing single-use plastic in packaging within the produce industry today. Fair Earth Farms' innovative packaging was developed specifically with the goal of eliminating petroleum-based outer plastic packaging entirely," said Fresh Prep CEO, George Boskovich III.

The new offerings feature both single-serve and bagged salad kits with restaurant-inspired recipes in 100 percent home compostable packaging.

Fresh Prep, a division of Boskovich Fresh Food Group, revealed the new value-added product line early last month to rave reviews and an already growing consumer base

The line debuted with five palate-inspiring recipes in the salad trays that I have personally had the chance to try: Coconut Cashew, Mexican Caesar, Two Way Spinach, Bacon Buttermilk, Sierra Sunrise, and Chipotle Coleslaw. Each one caters to a range of consumer demographics and needs on the plate, and are as unique as the days of the week. In bag form, there are six flavors, so stay tuned for more exciting information on this line evolution.

David Adams, Vice President of Retail Sales and Marketing, Fresh Prep“Elimination of single-use plastics is a common thread in all of Fair Earth Farms products. Different than other recycling or other compostable materials, the Fair Earth Farms home compostable bags and trays are certified to break down in a home compost or landfill in less than 70 days,” said David Adams, Fresh Prep VP Retail Sales and Marketing. "Our recently completed nationwide consumer survey indicated a strong preference around the elimination of single-use plastic in as many retail food offerings as possible. Consumer research also indicated consumers would spend 10-15 percent more knowing that their choice of value-added salads would not contribute to the ongoing single-use plastic contamination. Beyond our unique home compostable packaging are restaurant quality flavors and craveable meal additions."

Boskovich and Fresh Prep designed Fair Earth Farms with the intention of utilizing the most "earth-smart" materials. One element of differentiation is that the packaging is not meant to be recycled, it is meant to be broken down and "leave no trace" to the environment.

To find out more and keep up with the leafy greens powerhouse, find the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Elevating the meaning of value-added is one amazing way to drive consumer traffic through the produce department, and the team at Boskovich Farms and Fresh Prep are sealing the deal on this summer’s success with its retail partners, so do not get left behind.

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