Bravante Produce Adds Steve Shearer as Sales Manager of its Table Grape Division, Bravante Vineyards

Tue. April 24th, 2018 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

REEDLEY, CA - Bravante Produce is bringing a fresh face into the fold this spring with the announcement that Steve Shearer has joined the team as Sales Manager of the company's table grape operation, Bravante Vineyards. Founded in 2005 by George Bravante, the company is a grower/packer/shipper of premium table grapes, based out of Reedley, California.

Steve Shearer, Sales Manager, Bravante Vineyards

“I’m incredibly excited to work for George and learn from his vast business experience. His resume is quite impressive,” Steve shares with me. “George and I can connect on the analytical side of the business very well. We both have the drive and determination to make this business perform at a high level and the desire to be excellent in everything we are doing here. Our plan is to partner up directly with retailers and wholesalers that appreciate the energy and effort that we are putting into this program.”

George has built Bravante Produce over the years through acquisitions and land development to include significant acreage of citrus, cherries, tree fruit, table grapes, and a commercial winery in Napa, California.

Bravante Vineyards

“The table grape category is an exciting category to be a part of, as change seems to be coming at us faster than ever,” Steve states. “Bravante Vineyards has had significant success in the export markets the past few years. That success is a great sign that Bravante is producing an excellent product. My main focus this season will be on telling our story to North American retailers and wholesalers that are searching for a premium product and appreciate what we are doing. I’m excited to join Bravante Vineyards and direct the category into the future.”

Steve brings experience from his eight-year career at Castle Rock Vineyards to his new role at Bravante.

Bravante Vineyards

But, where did it all begin? Steve began his career after graduation from Business School working as an advisor for Morgan Stanley Investments and then later Bank of America/Merrill Lynch before leaving the investment industry to enter produce.

“My first opportunity in produce was with Norm Evans at Sunriver Sales. Norm taught me the ropes of selling produce and gave me my first opportunity to work on a sales desk,” Steve says.

Congrats Steve, on your recent move to Bravante Vineyards! We are excited to see what the road ahead has in store!

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