Bravante Produce's Steve Shearer Discusses California Cherry Crop

Tue. April 23rd, 2019 - by Kayla Webb

CALIFORNIA - If Bravante Produce has anything to do with it, this season’s cherry crop is going to taste so good it might make grown consumers cry—no judgement! With harvest less than 15 days away, I tapped Steve Shearer, Sales Manager, to find out how the grower’s California crop—which for the first time will be marketed under the Bravante label—is faring this spring.

Steve Shearer, Sales Manager, Bravante Produce“We will begin our 2019 cherry harvest the first week of May with our Brooks variety and follow that with our Coral Champagne and Tulare varieties. This will be our first year marketing our own fruit since our cherries have typically been packed by other marketers. This year, we decided to take on some of the fruit ourselves and share with our grape customers. So far, we’ve had really good reception,” Steve shared with me. “Everything looks to be coming along really nicely. We anticipate there to be a good quantity of very nice cherries. Bravante will be at the front end of the California cherry harvest, and we’re really happy with how our fruit is sizing and coming along.”

Bravante Produce will have cherries for the first three weeks of May—the best way to kick off the month.

With harvest less than 15 days away, Bravante Produce will have cherries for the first three weeks of May

“The front end of the California cherry deal can be tough to plan for, but it looks to be a strong front end. We are having a significant amount of interest in our early cherries, so we are ready to get going,” Steve explained. “Demand looks to be really good and prices should settle in a spot for retailers to move some good volumes by the second and third weeks of May. Retailers can reach out to us to talk about how we can build a partnership together. We are looking to build our business with partners that want to have California cherries on shelf in May and our California grapes on the shelf starting in July.”

So, partner with Bravante Produce today to give consumers what they want: an absolutely, positively fantastic California cherry season!

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