Calavo Growers Publishes First-Ever Sustainability Report

Mon. September 16th, 2019 - by Chandler James

SANTA PAULA, CA - Sustainability is one of the industry’s biggest buzzwords, and growers and suppliers are continuously making efforts to become more environmentally conscious. Calavo Growers took another step towards this ideal when it announced its publication of the first-ever sustainability highlights report. Published on the Calavo website, the report covers performance and sustainability-related initiatives across the enterprise, introducing a new sustainability policy and framework designed to organize environmental and social programs, as well as continuously optimize waste impact.

Lee Cole, Chairman, President, and CEO, Calavo Growers“I’m proud to introduce Calavo’s first report dedicated to our sustainability efforts. While environmental and social responsibility has been part of our corporate culture for decades, this is the first time we’ve put together a summary of related activities to share with our stakeholders,” stated Chairman, President, and CEO Lee Cole. “With the growing interest in sustainability from our customers, investors, suppliers, and communities, I anticipate this will be the first of many reports to come.”

Calavo Growers published its first-ever sustainability highlights report to spread the word about its new sustainability policy and framework

The inaugural sustainability highlights report addressed consumer demand for more environmentally-friendly products, such as organic or fair-trade produce and greener packaging options, additional training programs to ensure all teams are equipped to uphold the company’s long-standing values, and plans to centralize environmental data collection to further understand and optimize waste impacts. According to a press release, the company has also formed a Sustainability Council comprised of representatives from each of its primary business units.

Full access to Calavo’s Sustainability Highlights Report can be found on the company website. We at ANUK love to see the wholesome sustainability efforts coming forth in our industry. Check back with us for more.

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