California Table Grape Commission Celebrates 50 Years in Service

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Fri. August 10th, 2018 - by Robert Schaulis

FRESNO, CA - The California Table Grape Commission recently celebrated 50 years of service, and in recognition of this event, Secretary Karen Ross of the California Department of Food and Agriculture presented the organization with a resolution commemorating these 50 years of service to the state and its residents.

Karen Ross, Secretary, California Table Grape Commission“Since its first meeting in 1968, the commission has served the public interest by providing the leadership, promotion, and research needed to turn a small, struggling industry into a mainstay of the state’s agricultural economy,” Secretary Karen Ross said. “In remaining dedicated to its purpose of creating demand for the state’s fresh grape crop, the commission has fostered an environment that allowed a disparate group of small growers producing 27 million boxes of fresh grapes for U.S. consumers only to grow into an industry that ships approximately 110 million boxes to 60 countries with a crop value of $1.8 billion.”

In 2018, an estimated 114.6 million 19 lb boxes of grapes were produced

As part of the celebration, Dominick Bianco of Anthony Vineyards was honored for his service on the first board of commissioners from 1968 -1971 and for his continuous service since 1986. Marko B. Zaninovich of Sunview Vineyards was recognized for his service from 1971-1974 and for his continuous service since 1991.

During the meeting, the 2018 crop estimate was confirmed to be 114.6 million 19 lb boxes. Reports on the promotion programs underway in the U.S., Canada, and export markets around the world were provided, according to a press release.

Congratulations to California Table Grape Commission on this recognition, and to Dominick Bianco and Marko B. Zaninovich for their service!

California Table Grape Commission