Chelan Fresh New Apple and Pear Packaging with Recipes and Tips

Fri. November 6th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura

CHELAN, WA - As we move toward the holiday season, Chelan Fresh is debuting new packaging for apples and pears to get consumers’ creative juices flowing and help them to pick the perfect fruit for recipes and treats.

Mac Riggan, Director of Marketing, Chelan Fresh“Our goal with the new packaging is to get consumers to understand what they want and what they’re buying,” Mac Riggan, Director of Marketing, tells us. “It shows where the fruit is from, how much fruit they’re buying, what kind of variety they’re buying, what the fruit should taste like, and how they should use it. All of this information is clearly printed on the front of the bag in large letters.” 

The new design has more clear space, which helps consumers see the actual fruit while also providing additional information and tips.

Chelan Fresh Apple Packaging

In addition, there are also new taste meters and taste profiles of apples and pears that help consumers choose the fruit that fits their fancy. For instance, which variety of apple will best pair with a brie or Gruyere cheese? Or which type might be best simmering in your apple pie recipe?

Chelan Fresh Pear Packaging

There is also a section on the pear packaging that offers tips on how to perfectly ripen pears for the right texture. Seasonal recipes like Grandma’s Famous Apple Pie or Grandma Mimi’s Famous Pear Cake are available to help inspire and satisfy, according to a press release. Tote bags feature a QR code that will lead consumers to even more inspiration in the kitchen.

Kathryn Grandy, Marketing Manager, Chelan Fresh"Consumers like our new Chelan Fresh packaging because of the simple, straight forward design," said Kathryn Grandy, Marketing Manager. "Our customers are able to quickly identify fruit by variety, flavor characteristics with the taste meter, bag weight and identification of Washington grown fruit. These design elements and clear panels that reveal the fruit make a great shopping experience."

This new value-forward packaging complements the company’s existing line of Go Fruit Convenience Packs, which includes Cup O’ Cherries, Cherry Pouch Bags, and Rockit Apples. 

Chelan Fresh's Cup O' Cherries, Cherry Pouch Bags, and Rockit Apples

Chelan Fresh's new packaging will hit store shelves by the end of the year. 

Chelan Fresh