Chelan Fresh's Mac Riggan Discusses Chelan's Informative Yet Transparent Pouch Bags

Thu. March 17th, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

HOLLYWOOD, FL - There was much to see and take in on the floor of SEPC, and among the valuable conversations and networking, Chelan Fresh’s Director of Marketing Mack Riggan took the time to walk us through the company’s latest packaging strategy: it’s new pouch bags.

Mac Riggan, Director of Marketing, Chelan Fresh“We’re finding that the better we communicate with customers, we can convert them from shoppers to buyers that much better,” Mac tells me as he explains the different ways Chelan is conveying messages on the bag without being overwhelming. “So we’re very excited  about how this will help us at retail.”

Used to package the company’s Anjou Pears, Organic Bosc, and Honeycrisps, Chelan’s new pouch bag communicates all of the following in a clear message:

  • The weight of the bag
  • The name of the fruit
  • A taste meter
  • The origin of the product
  • Hints of how to use the product

All this is conveyed while  still leaving plenty of space for the consumer to see exactly what they are purchasing, pulling off what Mac aptly describes and a “high-end look” that is still user friendly.

To see our full interview, watch the brief video above.

Chelan Fresh