Chilean Lemons Now Offered from Sunny Valley International

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Tue. July 30th, 2019 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

GLASSBORO, NJ - Nothing quite says summer like a citrus destination at produce or brightens up the holiday and BBQ spread like the booming category and coveted varieties. This year, as Sunny Valley International seeks to bring more value to its customers, the company is introducing lemons from Chile into its portfolio, available from July through October for the benefit of produce departments.

Bob VonRohr, Director of Customer Relations, Sunny Valley International“We are the exclusive sales and marketing agent for many popular programs including the Jersey Fruit brand of peaches and blueberries, Just Picked New Jersey peaches, and Dixie Belle South Carolina peaches,” Bob VonRohr, Director of Customer Relations, shares with me. “As a sales and marketing agent for fresh premium growers of domestic peaches, blueberries, cranberries, and imported blueberries, pears and grapes, we are uniquely situated to provide a one-stop-shop for the needs of the produce buyer.”

Sunny Valley will be loading Chilean lemons out of Eastern Propak in Glassboro, New Jersey. All product will arrive via ocean container into the Port of Philadelphia weekly. The program will offer 38 lb boxes and grades of both fancy and choice are available—with and without PLU stickers. Sizing this year is from 75-count to 235-count as well.

Summer time is the perfect time to enjoy Chilean Lemons, which are available July through October

“We also have the capability to repack into various-sized bag styles to meet everyone needs,” Bob adds. “Our grower has chosen a region of Chile with the best combination of soil and climate to ensure a high-quality piece of fruit. To help ensure quality from the very beginning, our grower produces its own plants. Having a packing facility with a new generation electronic selection and packing line takes the benefit of working with us one step further.” 

Once the bulk lemon arrive to Sunny Valley’s warehouse facility in Eastern Propak in Glassboro, the company has the capabilities to pack fresh in a wide selection of packages on an “as needed” basis to ensure only the highest quality and freshest lemons are going to the operation’s customers.

The time is already been upon us for lemonade concoctions, cools desserts, tangy meals, and freshly-squeezedm citrus-touched dishes. But, let’s be honest, the time never truly passes.

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