Chris Pollock of BC Tree Fruits Cooperative Discusses Ambrosia Apples Rebrand

Mon. December 4th, 2017
- by Robert Schaulis     

KELOWNA, BC and VANCOUVER, BC – Perennially popular Ambrosia apple crops are burgeoning, with increasing volume to meet growing demand, and BC Tree Fruits Cooperative and its partner Oppy have taken the opportunity to introduce a new look that captures the unique character of this vibrant bi-colored apple.

I recently caught up with Chris Pollack, Marketing Manager for BC Tree Fruits, to find out more about the new aesthetic angle and the duotone apple.

Chris Pollack, Marketing Manager, BC Tree Fruits Cooperative“We wanted to come up with something clean, simple, but that does speak really well to the varieties,” notes Chris Pollack, Marketing Manager for BC Tree Fruits Cooperative. “When you look at the name and you look at the new logo, really quickly you can tell—it’s a bi-colored. And then we have the tagline ‘Sweet Perfection’ below it, which we feel really speaks to the taste of it.”

With a unique new brand identity to match the apple’s signature look and crisp, ideally-sweet flavor, BC Tree Fruits and Oppy have created a new rebrand that showcases the apple’s appeal—and better encapsulates the charms of this rapidly growing variety.

“We undertook the Ambrosia rebrand primarily because we’re seeing growth for the variety across our growers in the Okanagan Valley,” explains Chris. “We’re going to see volumes grow probably by more than 150 percent over the next seven to nine years.”

Ambrosia Apple Rebrand

To learn more about the rebrand, watch our brief video interview above.

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