Columbine Vineyards' Anthony Stetson and Lauren Olcott Talk New Packaging and Early Grapes

Fri. August 7th, 2015 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

DELANO, CA - With an early kick-off to the grape season, new packaging, and using new technologies to promote grape usage and consumption, Columbine Vineyards is lined up for a busy season.

Anthony Stetson, Sales Manager, Columbine Vineyards“We are off to the races and out the gate fast! We were ten days earlier than normal and we are having a bountiful and abundant harvest,” Anthony Stetson, Sales Manager at Columbine, tells me. “Yields are up across the board due to larger berry size and quality is excellent.”

Right now the company is currently offering Thompsons, Majestics, Summer Royals, and Red Globes, with its proprietary Milano® just around the corner.

“Milano® will start the first week of September,” Anthony said, adding that it is named after one of the founding fathers of Columbine Vineyards, Milan (Mila) Caratan.

Not only did Anthony say that this grape is unique in itself due to its delicate flavor profile, but it will also be coming out wearing a new outfit to the grape packaging line. “We are looking forward to launching this tasty treat in our new high graphic logo stand-up eco-friendly bag!” he said.

Columbine’s new petite bag offers a different option from the standard grape bag size for retailers and consumers alike when it comes to the fall product mix. According to Anthony, it fills a niche for retailers with higher FOB varieties by reducing the cost per bag to the consumer.

“Retailers like the smaller bag due to a lower ring at the register per bag and consumers love the convenience of a smaller portion to snack on. Across the board, we have received wonderful comments and positive feedback regarding our new packaging.”From Left to Right: Claire Caratan and Lauren Olcott with the new Columbine Vineyards petite stand-up grape bags.

Columbine also provides informational, colorful POS and POP materials to give retailers the tools to best utilize grape promotion opportunities, as well as unique cooking and information videos for grape usage and the growing process like the one below.

The company is showing off all things grapes, from how to use them to life through its eyes.

Lauren Olcott, Marketing Representative, Columbine Vineyards“We have also began to broadcast live videos via Periscope under the CoVi Grape Girls!” Lauren Olcott, Marketing Representative for Columbine, tells me.

To see the newest videos from Columbine Vineyards, check out this YouTube channel here.

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