Country Sweet Produce's Prescott Leyba Discusses Sweet Onion Program

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Wed. June 16th, 2021 - by Anne Allen

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Close your eyes and imagine the smells of a summertime barbecue. I’m sure you’ve got your usual suspects locked down, but please tell me you’ve got grilled onions on your list. As any summer shopper will tell you, sweet onions figure prominently in our dishes—and you know that the buy-side wants to have a program to match their needs. I sat down with Prescott Leyba, Country Sweet Produce’s Account Manager, to learn the ins and outs of the supplier’s own sweet onion program.

Prescott Leyba, Account Manager, Country Sweet Produce“Despite our relative obscurity compared to a few more established brands, Country Sweet Produce consistently delivers the highest quality—and sweetest tasting—sweet onion,” noted Prescott. “During all three months of our supply window, our customers—and consumers—can count on consistent quality.”

Reporting a good crop yield and even better quality, Country Sweet Produce has finished the harvest of its sweet onions and is ready for them to take center stage at retail.

During all three months of Country Sweet Produce's sweet onion supply window, its customers—and consumers—can count on consistent quality

“Ideally, we’d see sweet onions merchandised next to yellow onions, with two or three summer promotions against this item,” Prescott explained. “Upcoming holidays such as Father’s Day and Fourth of July are big on grilling, so a sweet onion would be a great ad fixture in the following weeks.”

California-grown and delicious—that’s a win-win all on its own!

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