Crisp's Are Traasdahl Dives Deeper into Tech Background at PMA Fresh Summit 2019

Wed. December 4th, 2019
- by Jordan Okumura     

ANAHEIM, CA - When attempting to tackle the problems we face in our industry, it is often helpful to look outside the industry—after all, a pair of fresh eyes can do wonders for innovation. Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO of Crisp, has just about the freshest eyes there are in terms of the wide-ranging expertise he brings to the industry. With more than 20 years of experience in mobile and digital technology, Traasdahl has seen his fair share of successes as the Founder and CEO of Tapad, Inc., and the mobile entertainment service, Thumbplay (which was later bought and renamed iheartradio). With both companies in his rear view, Traasdahl set his sights on the food industry, providing insight that he gained from his experience and extensive travels.

Are Traasdahl, CEO and Founder, Crisp“I took a year off and traveled around the world. In India I saw a lot of food insecurity, and even in New Zealand, I saw apples rotting on the ground. I started thinking about this problem from a technology perspective, ‘how can we use modern technology to help solve some of these challenges?’” he said.

Thumbplay Music, iHeart Radio, and TAPAD are companies that Are Traasdahl and his team worked to create previously

Traasdahl sees our world as the incredibly complex industry it is, and with that in mind, he set out to funnel his tech know-how into practical technological solutions for companies at every stage of the supply chain.

Crisp's Demand Drivers Chart, one of the many ways the company offers solutions to food waste across the industry

“I think about, how can we extract data and how can we use this data to produce incredibly accurate forecasts that help everybody?” he commented.

And so Crisp came to be. To refresh your memory on what the company offers, see our previous interview here.

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