Crown Jewels Partner Atomic Torosian Discusses Tight Pomegranate Market

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Thu. December 8th, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

FRESNO, CA - With December finally here, and consumers putting fresh produce at the center of their holiday meal plans, pomegranates are bound to make increased appearances in traditional and innovative holiday dishes. With consumers looking to put this fruit in their baskets, the current market is looking tight and active.

As Atomic Torosian, Managing Partner at Crown Jewels, recently told me, the company is just prepping to finish its pomegranate season in the lead-up to the holidays.

Atomic Torosian, Managing Partner at Crown Jewels

“Our overall quality was very good this year. We’re on our last load of pomegranates to sell before Christmas,” Atomic tells me. “Crown Jewels is only shipping the Wonderful variety during this time of the year.”

Atomic says that the overall market was slightly stronger this season in part to the lower volume seen throughout the industry, in addition to a lighter tree set and late October rains. Compared to the last two years, this year finished on more of a high note, Atomic notes. Brisk consumer demand is driving this growing category in all parts of the country and around the globe.


“The consumer demand on pomegranates keeps increasing both domestically and internationally,” Atomic details. “The California pomegranate deal should continue to prosper as tree pullouts continue, demand catches up with the lighter supply, and consumption increases for fresh, arils and juice.”

As Crown Jewels finishes up its California season with the last of its fresh offerings, in addition to further pomegranate possibilities with juicing and processing sales, the company is gearing up for its imported product. Crown Jewels will soon be bringing in grapes and pomes from South America.

Crown Jewels is already looking forward into next year for the flourishing pomegranate sector. Atomic says that the company is set to begin working on its 2017 California pomegranate promotional opportunities after the New Year.

“Pomegranates are nearly a year-round offering with the Southern Hemisphere coming into play,” Atomic finishes.


With demand increasing, and availability of pomegranates stretching out right up until Christmas, now is the perfect time to capitalize on consumer’s taste for the fruit.

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