Dalila Rivera Discusses Index Fresh's Peruvian Hass Avocado Opportunities and Fixed Pricing for Customers

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Fri. May 10th, 2024 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

CORONA, CA - Timing is everything and planning is essential, especially when it comes to fresh produce categories such as the Hass avocado. Just in time for summer grilling, events, and more, Index Fresh is bringing customers Hass avocados from Peru throughout the summer, with fixed pricing available on fruit secured now.

Dalila Rivera, Vice President of Sourcing, Index Fresh

“We anticipate opportunities for an abundance of Peruvian avocados entering the U.S. supply chain late this spring and throughout summer,” Dalila Rivera, Vice President of Sourcing, stated. “The timing of Peruvian avocado arrivals is slightly earlier this year and perfect both for filling in a rare supply gap on Mexican avocado imports and for the Peruvian harvest to add an important and competitive fruit source for our customers throughout the season.”

Kicking off the last week of May, Peruvian fruit will hit its primary harvest with promotable volumes anticipated in the U.S. throughout the season and into September.

This offering is a counterpart of pre-booked, season-long programs for retail and foodservice customers. Engaged in bringing the best value to its partners, Index Fresh procurement and sales teams are actively building programs that meet upcoming demand. According to a press release, locking in prices now adds predictability to costs and secures volumes at competitive rates that are stable throughout the summer.

Index Fresh anticipates opportunities for an abundance of Peruvian avocados entering the U.S. supply chain late this spring and throughout summer

“A consistent, reliable harvest of quality fruit from Peru in this window is important this year and will continue to be a significant piece of the U.S. avocado supply puzzle during the summer months,” Rivera continued. “It’s guacamole season, and the Peruvian program brings another attractive option into the market to expand consumer choices. Ordering now incentivizes steady shipments into U.S. ports at the best pricing available.”

Supplying from its three main sourcing destinations during the summer months—California, Mexico, and Peru—Index Fresh is bringing consistency and balance to its customer base this summer.