DelFrescoPure® Partners with CubicFarm Systems® to Create LivingCube™

Mon. October 8th, 2018
- by Jessica Donnel     

KINGSVILLE, ON - With consumers clamoring to get longer-lasting, local, and more sustainably-grown fruits and vegetables, the demand for living produce is higher than ever. Luckily, here to answer that demand is DelFrescoPure®, which will be partnering with CubicFarm Systems® to create a new growing system: LivingCube™. With LivingCube, DelFrescoPure will be able to grow living lettuce, living basil, and microgreens vertically and autonomously all year long and more of them.

Fiona McLean, Marketing Manager, DelFrescoPure®“Consumers want to be able to buy much more living produce that is locally grown in sustainable ways. The partnership with CubicFarms and DelFrescoPure allows this to happen. Fresh, local, healthy, sustainable, delicious, no pesticides, and fresh water...there is a lot to be excited about!” Fiona McLean, Marketing Manager for DelFrescoPure, explains. “And because we can now grow vertically and consistently 52 weeks a year, we can expand our capacity with relatively little land and with more yield per acre.”

As a whole, the LivingCube system is made up of 12 growing, germination, and irrigation machines, each built inside of proprietary insulated 40’ stainless steel growing chambers. Each of these machines are individually climate controlled and optimized for each crop, then connected to a fully enclosed and climatized common work area; all coming together to create a complete stand-alone system and independent growing facility. To power LivingCube, DelFrescoPure uses an off-the-grid electrical cogeneration system that is environmentally sustainable due to minimal land footprint, reduction in greenhouse gases, the usage of recycled water, and pesticide-free integration.

With LivingCube, DelFrescoPure will be able to grow living lettuce, living basil, and microgreens vertically and autonomously all year long

“Our partnership with CubicFarms provides us with exclusivity and support,” Fiona adds. “CubicFarms continuously conducts research into new varieties and processes to grow more varieties and yield more produce. DelFrescoPure is committed to getting ahead of trends so we can make sure our customers have the latest and greatest. Working together, we will have produce available on a national basis and able to support national customers!”

While DelFrescoPure’s launch is already ambitious, initially being able to provide lettuces, basils, herbs, and microgreens through the LivingCube, the system is flexible enough that more varieties and seasonality will be possible as customer demand dictates. At PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando later this month, DelFrescoPure will have a LivingCube demo unit in their new booth ready to show off to inquiring minds.

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“Along with our LivingCube demo, we will be showcasing our YES!berries STACKERS and Euro Beans, as well as serving ice cream and LivingCube living lettuce, living basil, and microgreens. We have so much fun to offer this year!” Fiona exclaims.

Want to get in on some of that fun? DelFrescoPure is set up at booth number 1673. Stop by and experience the LivingCube system for yourself.